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Sep 01 2015

Witnessing to Darwinists

Slightly smirking, he asked, “Don’t Christians believe God created the earth in six days?” He was a Jewish atheist scientist with a PhD. And a staunch Darwinist. We stood outside a laboratory of green-mirrored walls next to a man-made pond. There damp turtles rested on rocks and orange-and-white koi darted beneath the floating, round leaves …

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Oct 31 2011

Don’t Let Intimidation Stop You

Hummingbird sticks out tongue

Have you ever embarked on what you thought might be a way to help others, but as soon as you told people about it, became intimidated? I have. In fact, just last year I joined a newly formed writers’ group and shared my plans for books to encourage Christians and strengthen faith. Though I’d published …

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