‘The Story’ Lesson 19

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

The Return Home

Key question: How can we rebuild an area of life that’s been torn down?

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  1. Chapter 19 – The Return Home – Why was Ezra 4:17-24 left out of the story. Randy makes it seem the people lost interest and wondered off. There is no mention of the governor and state police showing up with a court order to quit. A very misleading version.

    • James, I’m not sure. (For those not familiar with The Story, it’s selections from the Bible put in mostly chronological order with explanatory segues connecting the excerpts.) Chapter 19 has Ezra 4:1-4, 24, and then a segue that talks about the opposition before jumping to Haggai. My best guess is the editors thought verse 4 plus the segue explained enough to keep the story moving. I imagine it was incredibly hard to choose what to include and what to skip! I hope you’re enjoying it despite so much being skipped, and I hope you’re able to stir the interest of those you’re studying with to want to read the entire book of Ezra. Blessings.

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