‘The Story’ Lesson 13

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

The King Who Had It All

Key question: What were Solomon’s mistakes, and how can we keep from making them ourselves?

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  1. Hi, Jean, Good Morning,

    Honestly, I am not sure the answer about below question.

    8. (d) How do Proverbs 21:2 and 21:3 relate to each other?
    9. (c) What does Proverbs 21:20 teach about finances?

    • Hi, Pastor Choi. Great questions.

      Q 8d: Going back to 7a-c on v. 2: We think our ways are righteous, but the Lord weighs the heart and finds self-justifications, blind spots, hypocrisy, and hidden motives, including a desire to please ourselves rather than God. 7d: We can ask God to show us what’s in our hearts so that our opinion of our ways more closely matches his. 8a-c on v. 3, it is more acceptable to God that we do what is right in the first place rather than sin knowingly and ask forgiveness; the attitude of, “It doesn’t matter if I obey God because he will forgive me,” isn’t what God wants. 8d, The attitude v. 3 warns against is one of the attitudes that the Lord weighs the heart for in v. 2; it’s an ungodly attitude that stems from a desire to please self rather than God.

      9c: We should maintain emergency savings.(In a culture where most lived off the land, storing food was essential to get through winter and years of drought. In places such as the U.S. where food is at the local market all year round, we store–or save–money to buy food and other necessities in times of financial downturn. Even so, it’s wise to have food reserves in case of emergencies such as earthquakes or tornados.)

      Hope that helps!

  2. Thank you so much !

    So, I understood 8 (d) that through V2., we can do V3. Thank you for your detail explanation.

    I agree with your answer of 9 (c) and I can confirm my answer.

    • You’re welcome. I can see how 8d could be difficult depending on how one answered 7. I’m glad you posted the questions.

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