‘The Story’ Lesson 05

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

New Commands and a New Covenant

Key question: How do we fulfill the purpose to which God has called us?

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  1. Cassie Parker commented: “Hi Jean, It’s been a while since we talked but I’m stuck on question 4a does fearing fire’s ability to harm cause you to avoid it, or to handle it safely? Explain? This is in Chapter 5 ARE YOU ASKING HOW DO WE HANDLE FEAR?”

    • Cassie, I’m sorry for the delay in answering–my website was migrated last week and comments and such during the migration were lost. The idea behind the question is that we know fire can harm, but we don’t avoid it; instead, we handle it safely. In the same way, we know God is powerful and destroy and even cast into hell, but we don’t avoid him; instead, we approach him in the way he says: through Jesus Christ.

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