‘The Story’ Lesson 01

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

Creation: The Beginning of Life as We Know It

Key question: What was lost in the Garden of Eden, and why?

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        • Carrie, these are great questions!

          Perhaps the biggest reason God gave Adam free will is that God is love, and he desires loving relationships with us. Another being’s love is truly satisfying only when it is freely given.

          I had a Chatty Cathy doll when I was a child. It said, “I love you!” whenever I pulled its string. I pretended the doll really loved me when I played with it, but I knew it had no free choice in what it said. I could make it do anything I wanted, but it couldn’t do anything on its own so its responses weren’t that satisfying.

          It was my girlfriend Margie’s love that mattered. Margie freely chose to be my friend, to play with me, and to confide in me. I knew she loved me, and I loved her. While I tired of Chatty Cathy soon, Margie and I were inseparable until the day her family moved away, leaving us both in tears.

          About your second question, Adam and Eve felt no shame before the fall because they had never before done anything against their conscience. They had never before sinned. Once they sinned, they were no longer perfect and felt shame.

        • Hi Jean’
          thanks for the answers, now I have more to come because I”m not sure about a lot of questions I’m asked. I think it might be an typo because the question what two being did Adam blame for his transgression? I found only one Eve who might the other one be.

          • God is the other being Adam blames: “The woman YOU gave me.” See the sly accusation there? He implies if God hadn’t given him the woman, he wouldn’t eaten.

  1. Thank, That was slick. Now I have another as I continue I’m happy to know you are there to help me better understand what it going on. How does emphasizing what is denied rather than what is freely given affect contentment and gratefulness? I’m a little puzzle.

    • Hi, Carrie. I’m so glad you’re seeking out answers! When we think constantly about things we wish we had but don’t have, we become discontent; we may even start grumbling. When we think about all the good things we have–eternal life, forgiveness of sins, a warm home, clothes, food for the day, friends–we become grateful and we want to thank God for his many blessings.

  2. Hi, Jean it’s me again, I truly do thank you for your help. I really don’t know how to response to without naming names, give an example in which an experience with a person who lacked a virtue caused you to better understand the virtue and appreciate it in others. Please help.

    • Hi, Carrie. Think of times when you saw someone whose lack of a virtue opened your eyes to how important that virtue is. For example, seeing how someone who gossips a lot hurts others makes me appreciate even more those who build others up with their words and refuse to gossip. Seeing the damage lying does to family relationships makes me really appreciate family members who are committed to always telling the truth. Does that make sense? Let me know what you come up with …

  3. Hi Jean, I.m going to share about a gambler who struggle with paying bills on time and borrowing money so they could remain gambling. Instead on putting that individual down prayer was made in their behalf and they were freed from this stronghold. It showed the other person that this was something they never wanted to get tangle into. You are surely a blessing. May God’s continue Love be your portion.

    • That’s a great example, Carrie! Seeing how a compulsive gambler struggles and hurts him- or herself and others is a great way to see how important it is to not get entangled in gambling away needed money. God bless you, and I pray you have a wonderful discussion!

  4. Hi Jean, We had a group,discussion about question 12. Are there any evil-mold, tsunamis,etc.-that could not have resulted from God cursing the ground. It was broken up into two questions. I only seen it as one. please share. It was said that man brought sin into the world that one reason why these factor exit.and the other reason was because God cursed the ground these factors exit Is it both.

    • Hi, Carrie. The phrase, “natural evil,” is sometimes used to describe harmful things that happen for reasons other than sin. Genesis 3:18 refers to thorns and thistles being part of the curse. Things like tsunamis and earthquakes could also have been part of the curse. God cursed the ground because of Adam’s sin, so natural evils are trace back to Adam’s sin.

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