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The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

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Individual book studies are wonderful, but sometimes we need to step back to see the big picture. The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide provides illuminating insights and encourages practical application as you read through the Bible’s main story from Genesis to Revelation. Designed to accompany The Story, NIV: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, you’ll watch God’s plan unfold starting with what was lost in the Garden of Eden and culminating in what is regained in eternity.

Originally written for Crossline Community Church, this guide is now part of Zondervan’s resource library for The Story. You can get it here by clicking the Download Page link at the top of this page.

Other Resources
Key Features
What Others are Saying

Other Resources

  • You’ll find videos, samples, other resources, and more information about The Story at www.TheStory.com.
  • The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide is designed to accompany The Story, NIV: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, which you can find here: Amazon ~ Barnes and Noble ~ ChristianBook.com

Key Features

  • Accompanies The Story, NIV: The Bible as One Continuing Story of God and His People, Bible excerpts presented as a single continuing narrative in thirty-one chapters
  • All material reviewed by Dr. Clay Jones, associate professor in the Master of Arts of Christian apologetics program at Biola University
  • Five divisions per chapter easily enable twenty-minute average daily devotionals
  • Key questions illumine main themes
  • Discussion questions aid deeper reflection and understanding
  • Practical application questions encourage applying Scripture to life
  • Historical background, timelines, and charts enhance grasping the big picture
  • Footnotes provide additional explanations and related verses for those who want to dig deeper
  • Links to related, in-depth material facilitate further study
  • Let’s Talk About ‘The Story’ offers more engagement opportunities by providing a place to share stories, ask questions, and post comments
  • Available in English and Korean

What Others are Saying

Nearly two hundred women at Crossline Community Church went through these lessons and discovered God’s over-arching plan throughout human history. Many said this was the first time they understood how all the books of the Bible relate to each other, and they now feel they can open the Bible anywhere and know where they are in context. Most participated in group discussions, while others used the guide for personal devotions.

I have only awe at what God has empowered you to do for us in writing these lessons. My prayer is that many people—not just women—will go online and be blessed and taught by your writing as we have been. Thank you for saying “yes” to writing these lessons, thank you for persevering through all these months and hours of work week in and week out. Only in eternity will you see the full value of the love and effort you poured into this project and our women.
~ Lori Marshall, Director of Women’s Ministry, Crossline Community Church

These are marvelous, beautifully-formatted, and I even like the sections and section titles. Very well-conceived and well-executed…. It’s a phenomenal, high-engagement tool!
~ Shelley Leith, National Church Coach and Story Specialist, Zondervan


I provide The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide for free as a ministry to help others love God’s Word,  understand it more clearly, and apply it more deeply. If you find it helpful and would like to make a donation, you may send it to Jean E. Jones, PO Box 2852, Mission Viejo, CA 92690.


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  3. The Story Bible Study ~ This was such an incredible Bible study that made the Bible come to life in a fresh way. The study was enriched by the well-presented study guide that presented thought provoking questions, and excellent life applications. The study guide gave interesting information and valuable insights to passages along with putting things into an understandable historical context. This was one of my favorite studies of all-time!!!

  4. I just finished my study for this week. Love this every week! Too much life changing stuff to recount but always a Scripture that is just what I needed. You did an amazing job of getting through that much scripture and simplifying it with the main truths. It’s so wonderful to see the “light go on” for so many women as they “connect the dots” and see God’s big picture. Thank You! ~ Cathryn Wade

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  6. I have been telling people that this is my favorite Bible study. I loved doing this study and learned so much from it! Your charts and timelines really helped us understand the Bible’s “big picture”. I appreciate your footnotes that brought clarity to different passages as well. Your study guide questions were conducive to great discussions within our groups. It was especially meaningful to me that you focused on getting us to apply the wonderful truths that were highlighted in your study.

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