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Feb 01 2012

Work Out Your Salvation?

Father tutors sn

Paul said, “Work out your salvation with fear and  trembling,” a statement which causes some Christians to fear and tremble. So let’s take a look at it.

Doing works does not save us, but true salvation shows itself in works (Eph. 2:8-9). Paul is writing to believers about the outworking of their salvation in their everyday …

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Jan 16 2012

Why God Says No: A 3 Dog Tale

Dog jumping through hoop

Sometimes God tells us No to test whether our hearts are faithful and obedient.

Imagine a master dog trainer who supplies dogs to the ATF, DEA and police is training a newly hired apprentice.

The trainer points to three calmly sitting dogs and says, “We just received these dogs that received their initial training elsewhere. …

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Sep 13 2011

Chase Away Temptation, Doubt, and Fear

Discouragement. It stops progress—especially progress overcoming temptation, doubt, and fear.

  • Will I ever get over my anger towards that person?
  • Can God really love a person who has failed as miserably as I have?
  • Will I survive the loss of my loved one?
  • What will happen to my loved ones if I die?
  • Will …

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