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Jan 22 2013

The Complaining Fast

Complaining needs mattock

The first sunny Saturday after two weeks of rain, I donned blue gardening gloves, grabbed  weeding fork and  pronged hoe, and headed to the backyard. I found the variegated nasturtiums I’d sown around the now gone summer annuals had sprouted nicely, but so had clumps of dark red oxalis, thick sprigs of mint, and sprays …

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Jan 25 2012

The Choice to Rejoice

Oil painting of grapes

Rejoicing is something we choose to do. While complaining reveals a rebellious heart, rejoicing shows a gladly submissive heart. Complaining reveals distrust; rejoicing shows complete trust. complaining sees unfulfilled desires as denied rights; rejoicing sees fulfilled desires as undeserved blessings. Complaining is preoccupied with itself, while rejoicing, because it does not consider its own interests …

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