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May 21 2015

Every Cover-up to be Revealed—It’s a Promise

Every cover-up to be revealed at the Judgment

On Saturday, April 4, 2015, white police officer Michael Slager shot and killed an unarmed black man, Walter Scott. Officer Slager claimed Scott had grabbed his Taser and he had shot in self-defense. The story may have ended there except for one thing.

Feidin Santana, a barber walking to work, saw the officer “controlling” Scott …

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Jul 24 2014

Giving Reasons for Faith: Four Basic Resources

Software for giving reasons for Faith

Four resources for those just getting started in Christian apologetics–giving reasons for faith

First Peter 3:15 tells us to always be “prepared to make a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.” But when you first start answering seekers and skeptics, preparing can seem overwhelming because …

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Mar 14 2012

Jesus & the Timid Woman

What can we learn from Jesus about making people feel valued? Plenty—especially from the way he treated a woman too shy to speak to him.

She wasn’t ready to open up

Jesus was on his way to heal the daughter of an important man, Jairus. Jairus was a synagogue ruler, while this woman hiding in …

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Dec 20 2011

Persevering Past Halfway

Have you ever excitedly started a new project and halfway in wondered, Whatever made me think I could do this anyway? This is beyond my abilities! I’ll never get done. The halfway point can be hard. The initial excitement disappears, the project looms larger than anticipated, unpredicted problems pile on, and fatigue weighs in.

And …

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Oct 31 2011

Don’t Let Intimidation Stop You

Hummingbird sticks out tongue

Have you ever embarked on what you thought might be a way to help others, but as soon as you told people about it, became intimidated? I have. In fact, just last year I joined a newly formed writers’ group and shared my plans for books to encourage Christians and strengthen faith. Though I’d published …

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