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Feb 03 2014

Why did Jesus say, “Eat his flesh”?

Jesus fed the multitudes before saying we must eat his flesh

Question: I was chewing on the passage where Jesus says we have to eat his flesh and drink his blood. How would you approach why Jesus would use these words?

That is a great question. After all, Jesus’ words in John 6:53-57 caused many people to stop following him. Let’s look first at the context …

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May 02 2012

Questions about the Women at the Resurrection

Questions: Why did Mary Magdalene ask where Jesus’ body was when earlier an angel told her Jesus had arisen? Why do the gospel accounts differ as to which women went to the tomb and which saw Jesus alive?

Several questions arose in my church’s women’s Bible study about differences between the gospel accounts regarding the …

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Apr 03 2012

An Easter Poem

I wrote this poem in celebration of Easter and all Jesus accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection. May you be blessed in this remembrance of Jesus Christ, the resurrected King.


“The Resurrection” ~ woodcut by Dore

He came to us having counted the cost— Teller of parables, seeker of lost. Ears …

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