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May 04 2015

The Journey of Childlessness

Childlessness is a journey

By Jean E. Jones

The pain of multiple miscarriages changed my perspective about God and faith.

April 2010 | Today’s Christian Woman

My gynecologist’s certainty gave me confidence: In a booming voice, incongruously deep for his small stature, he assured me that my baby was well, and I needn’t be worried over an earlier miscarriage. …

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Apr 15 2014

Don’t Judge Me Because I’m Childless

By Jean E. Jones

Is there a place at church for those of us who don’t have kids?

January 7, 2014 | Today’s Christian Woman

Recently, a woman asked, “My husband and I are childless. How do you cope with the feelings of rejection and of being a minority in the church community?” Both she …

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Sep 13 2011

Honest Prayer

Like many Christians I’d memorized verses such as “all things work together for good” and “give thanks in all circumstances (Rom 8:28, 1Th 5:18). When bad things happened, I’d quote these verses, thank God for the good He would work, and push away questions. Trying to trust God, I did something akin to closing my …

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