‘The Story’ Lesson 19

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

The Return Home

Key question: How can we rebuild an area of life that’s been torn down?

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  1. James Martin

    Chapter 19 – The Return Home – Why was Ezra 4:17-24 left out of the story. Randy makes it seem the people lost interest and wondered off. There is no mention of the governor and state police showing up with a court order to quit. A very misleading version.

    1. Jean E.

      James, I’m not sure. (For those not familiar with The Story, it’s selections from the Bible put in mostly chronological order with explanatory segues connecting the excerpts.) Chapter 19 has Ezra 4:1-4, 24, and then a segue that talks about the opposition before jumping to Haggai. My best guess is the editors thought verse 4 plus the segue explained enough to keep the story moving. I imagine it was incredibly hard to choose what to include and what to skip! I hope you’re enjoying it despite so much being skipped, and I hope you’re able to stir the interest of those you’re studying with to want to read the entire book of Ezra. Blessings.

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