‘The Story’ Lesson 10

The Story: Personal Journal & Discussion Guide

Standing Tall, Falling Hard

Key question: What attributes helped Hannah and Samuel stand tall?

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  1. Dong Myung Joseph Choi

    4.(b) Why do you think God raised up a godly prophet like Samuel after Israel had suffered
    under the poor leadership of Eli and his sons?

    Dear Jean,

    I am not sure what is your intention of the question.

    Do you think God want to teach importance of a leader, so that it could be a preparation of kingship?

    1. Jean E.

      Yes, I think preparing the Israelites for the kingship (and in particular King David) was one of the reasons. Other reasons are to reverse the damage Eli and his sons had caused, and to lead the people back to God.

      1. jospeh

        Thank you so much ! Now I have understood the point of question.

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