Articles, ‘The Story’ Guide, and Reader Favorites

Here are links to some of the articles I’ve published elsewhere, as well as a list of reader favorites.

Articles at Today’s Christian Woman

Articles by Jean E. Jones

Jean E. Jones

Childlessness is becoming more prevalent in the church, but churches with a family focus don’t always know how to support childless women. The first article here is about dealing with loss in a way that grows faith. The second explains the reasons for the rising number of childless women in churches and suggests ways the church can minister effectively to them.

Articles at

I’m a contributing writer at, which publishes a wide variety of articles on Christian topics and current events. Here are some of my articles.

The Story Guide

The Story traces the story of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. It presents text from the NIV Bible in mostly chronological order with explanatory segues between stories. I wrote a study guide for my church to use with The Story, which you can download here: The Story Personal Journal and Discussion Guide.

Reader Favorites

It’s always interesting to see what posts interest readers the most. Here are the ten most read blog posts on this site as of August 2017.

  1. Telescoped Genealogies: Was Rahab the Mother of Boaz?
  2. Was Martha’s sister Mary a prostitute?
  3. Did Joshua Cause Leap Years?
  4. Who are ‘the Righteous’ in Psalms and Proverbs?
  5. Seven Tips & Tricks to Memorize Psalms
  6. Joseph: Triumph Over Betrayal
  7. Was Abraham Wrong? Answering Rachel Held Evans, Part 1
  8. Abraham, Isaac & Child Sacrifice
  9. Encouraging More Talk in Quiet Discussion Groups
  10. Abraham & Human Sacrifice? Answering Rachel Held Evans, Part 2