An Easter Poem

I wrote this poem in celebration of Easter and all Jesus accomplished through his life, death, and resurrection. May you be blessed in this remembrance of Jesus Christ, the resurrected King.


“The Resurrection” ~ woodcut by Dore

He came to us having counted the cost—
Teller of parables, seeker of lost.
Ears do we need to hear words he does teach,
Deep into hearts must his truths fully reach.

Calmed he the storm and on water he walked;
Crowds gathered ‘round him whenever he talked.
Food he did multiply, crowds so to feed;
Man among tombstones from demons he freed.

He called to life little girl who was dead;
Drink is his blood and his body is bread.
He said, “Deny self: a cross you must bear,
I came from heaven and God’s words I share.

My words obey and of death you’ll not see;
God is my Father: he glorifies me.
I’m resurrection and life—do believe
So of eternal life you can receive.”

He proved his words and his might did amaze,
When he raised Lazarus dead for four days.
Donkey he then to Jerusalem rode;
Shouts of “Hosanna!” on him crowds bestowed.

Passover shared he with followers dear,
Knowing the time for his great work was near.
“I to my Father’s house go to prepare
Room for you,” he said, “for I’ll take you there.

I am the way and the truth and the life;
Peace I give you, but the world gives you strife.”
Then to Gethsemane walked they to pray;
“Father, not my will but yours,” did he say.

Soon his betrayer on cheek gave a kiss;
Now the disciples fled—all was amiss.
High priest condemned him and said he must die:
“Blasphemy!” claimed he, “not Son of God high!”

Peter denied him and rooster did crow;
And unto Pilate did Jesus then go.
He bore their mocking while his back was torn,
Scourged was he, beaten, and crowned with sharp thorn.

Soldiers then crucified him on a cross,
Nailing his wrists and his feet—such blood loss!
Lifted on high for onlookers to see
Mockers threw insults: “Won’t God rescue thee?”

Sun hid its face from the land all around
Passover Lamb’s blood from cross dripped to ground.
Cried he, “My God, my God, why are you gone?”
“Will he be saved?” shouted those who looked on.

Burst from his lips, “It is finished”—and then
Died he, and sun gave its light back to men.
Earth did then quake, temple veil was torn
For by his death, he our sins had now borne.

Spear pierced his side and from wound now did spill
Water and blood onto Calvary’s hill.
Followers laid his cold body in tomb
Mourned they and wept, crying, “Why came this doom?”

Dark were their hearts as they struggled to see—
Till came the first rays of dawn on day three.
Angels did roll from the grave the large stone;
There lay the grave clothes, but no body prone!

He had arisen: him death could not hold;
Came he to Mary, who now was consoled.
Peter then saw him, and five hundred plus;
Said he, “For witnesses you’ve been called thus.”

Finally heavenward he did ascend;
There he abides till he comes in the end,
Gathering all to him who do believe,
That of eternity they may receive,

Living and loving with Savior and Friend,
Who conquered death that their life would not end.
Lamb who was dead, but who now lives above,
Died he to save us, so great was his love.

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